UX/UI - App and Web
GAB - Nosso Grupo

Designing the app Nosso Grupo, a concept of private social network of Aguia Branca Group.


The Águia Branca Group has many companies in different areas such as logistics, people and cargo transportation (air and road), vehicle sales, car rental, employing over 10k workers currently. GAB, as it's called, is one of the great business groups in Brazil.

GAB is based in a family environment and there is very important this communication and contact between the workers. Nosso Grupo app is a concept of a private social network to GAB workers that borns from there. This name means "our group".

There, the intranet is a very important tool. So, Nosso Grupo app allows more mobility with the same propose and new services.


How make company employees use a private social network to share content and making professional partners?

Company social networks can drive collaboration and innovation. Or can not. Experience, services and gamification can help.
Many people use social media during the work. The challenge here is turn the private social network be also useful.


  • Design an app from the user's point of view.

  • Propose a way to getting user's attention.

  • Easy and attractive.

  • Offer services to workers like HR documents for download, sharing docs, photos and videos, internal and private chat.

  • Privacy and data security is very important and essencial.

My role

  • UX | User Experience

  • UI | User Interface


  • 1 UX/UI

  • 1 Front-end Developer

  • 1 Back-end Developers

  • 1 Project Manager


  • Daily Meetings

  • User Interview

  • Workflows

  • UI Patterns

  • Wireframes

  • Prototype

  • Handoff Document

UI Tools

  • Sketch App

  • Invision

  • Zeplin


1 month, with 2 sprints, 15 days each

Prototyping the concept

High fidelity

Start here

Login by telephone


Daily and Monthly Birthdays

Video library

Video streaming player

Audio Podcasts

Audio streaming player

E-book. Share it or receive

Internal Chat / Messenger

Promotions with GAB Partners

Earn credit points.
Exchange for services or products

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